5 water sports to enjoy in Marbella

The Costa del Sol has the optimal characteristics to be able to enjoy almost any type of sport, whether on land or water.

We can see how the Costa del Sol is a leading destination for sports such as golf, paddle tennis and tennis, but, thanks to the conditions of its beaches and coves, there are a large number of water sports options to enjoy.

Marbella: a must-visit water sports destination

Its favourable climate, calm waters, wide landscapes, marine life and well prepared infrastructures make Marbella an ideal city to practice this type of water sports.

The pleasant climate and calm waters create a safe and comfortable environment for the practice of these activities, adding a special touch with the natural beauty of the surrounding coastal landscapes, from majestic cliffs to unknown coves. In addition, the marine life opens the door to discover and immerse yourself in a fascinating new world in activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving.

These characteristics and the growing interest in these activities mean that an increasing number of tourists are visiting the destination for this purpose, attracting the attention of national and international competitionsconsolidating its reputation as a place of reference for the practice of water sports at all levels.

There are many water sports to do in Marbella, here are some of the most popular ones.

5 water sports in Marbella

  • Flyboard

One of the newest and most recent experiences that we can enjoy in coastal areas such as Marbella. A very intuitive sport where you can develop balance, some strength… and get rid of your fear of heights!

Flyboarding is one of the most exciting activities on the list and, without a doubt, one that will allow you to experience the unique sensation of flying.

  • Kitesurf

Does the idea of gliding over the sea on a kite and letting yourself be carried by the force of the wind appeal to you? This exciting activity offers you a combination of sensations that will leave you speechless. Imagine flying over the waves while the adrenaline rushes through your veins at sea speed.

Kitesurfing in Marbella is the perfect plan to live an experience full of emotions and unparalleled fun. If you are a real adventurous person… Get ready to enjoy yourself to the fullest!

  • Jet skis

If you want to enjoy one of the most fun experiences on the list, you must rent a jet ski. Imagine riding the waves of the Costa del Sol on your jet ski at high speed… What a feeling of freedom!

Whether individually or as a couple, not only can you enjoy thrilling races, but it can also serve as the perfect transport to see all the most remote corners of the beaches in and around Marbella.

  • Windsurf

Possibly one of the most technical activities on the list, where you can ride the waves of the Marbella coastline on a board with a wind-driven sail. Don’t worry if you are new to the sport, the boards are light and easy to use, with a bit of practice you can get to grips with them easily.

  • Kayak

And to finish the list, a quieter activity, where you can enjoy beautiful kayak rides and explore the coves and beaches of the Costa del Sol with friends or family and discover all the secrets and most beautiful natural corners. With a sunny day and a calm atmosphere it will be an unforgettable experience.

These sports, complemented with the other services that Marbella has to offer, create a complete experience that you can enjoy staying in one of our flats or villas. Visit our website!

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