The best ice cream parlours in Marbella

Do you love ice cream?

We understand, and so do we, because if there is one thing that gladdens the heart and delights the palate, it is delicious ice cream. And in this glamorous city on the Costa del Sol, you will find a wide variety of ice cream parlours that will transport you to a world of irresistible flavours and textures.

Marbella is known for its luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle, and the town’s ice cream parlours are no exception. Here you will find charming places where you can enjoy artisan ice cream of the highest quality.

Here are the best ice cream parlours in Marbella!

La Valenciana

Open since 1970, this legendary ice cream parlour in Marbella stands out for its homemade ice cream and the infinite number of toppings you can add to it. Did you know that they originally started in Bilbao? In the end, they were attracted by the Costa del Sol, the good climate and the people.

It is situated in an ideal location, specifically on Nabeul avenue, just 2 minutes walk from the promenade of Marbella.

El Piave

The expertise and exquisiteness of Italian ice cream is well known. That’s why you can’t miss Piave, which is also one of the most historic cafés in Marbella. They make their products in an artisan way, you can’t miss their famous Bananas split or the Copa Piave.


This ice cream parlour, located in the centre of Marbella, is one of the most famous in the city. Not only do they serve ice cream, but their crepes and cakes arouse passion in everyone who tries them. The handmade ice creams are no slouch either and will give you an incredible mix of flavours when you try them.

Rivareno Gelato

Rated as one of the best gelato shops in the city, Rivareno Gelato has the essence of that Tuscan café where, without a doubt, you can taste the best Italian gelato in town. Their coffees also enjoy the same Italian prestige, making an espresso a real treat.

Rivareno is a franchise, as it started with 4 friends opening an ice cream parlour in Milan. Today, it is positioned as one of the best in Marbella thanks to the care of its raw materials and the preparation of the ice creams on the day. Did you know that its name is an allusion to the Italian town of Bologna?

Fresca Passione

This unique ice cream parlour is located near the Parque de la Constitución and stands out from the rest for its high-fibre, low-sugar products. The ice creams at this café taste exquisite. Are you vegan or diabetic? At Fresca Passione they have sugar-free and lactose-free ice creams, specially designed for this type of public. In fact, this original ice cream parlour is very sensitive to food allergies, so they have an ice cream for everyone.

Come and enjoy the best ice cream parlours in Marbella, we would love to hear about your experience. If you are looking to rent an exclusive accommodation in the city, do not hesitate to visit our website or contact us. We can offer you a wide variety of apartments and villas, with all the comforts and exclusivity to make your visit to Marbella unforgettable.

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