Starlite Marbella: a 5-star music event

Do you want to attend the biggest live music festival in Marbella?

Starlite Occident is a music and entertainment festival that offers spectators a wide range of concerts of different musical genres in a close atmosphere, and with the great differentiating aspect of its duration, more than 60 days.

This duration, together with an impeccable organisation, has led to visits by such outstanding and diverse artists as Elton John, Christina Aguilera, Andrea Bocelli, Alejandro Sanz, Enrique Iglesias, Plácido Domingo and Hardwell.

This is why Starlite Occident is a 5-star event. We list them one by one!

First star: high quality live music

Starlite Occident stands out for offering an extensive repertoire of shows and DJs with live performances by high caliber artists.

This quality, which has been maintained in its eleven previous editions, has made it possible for national and international artists of the importance of Cat Stevens, India Martínez, David Bisbal, Ricky Martin, Iggy Pop, Rod Stewart and Juan Magán to visit the festival this year 2023.

Second star: unbeatable location

The festival takes place in a spectacular natural enclave in Marbella, the Auditorio La Cantera de Nagüeles, a former quarry in Marbella and now an impressive concert venue.

Located in the middle of nature, this open-air area has regained its importance after 30 years of inactivity, thanks to the start of the festival in 2012. Currently, it has a relevance and uniqueness that makes all its concerts a unique experience.

Third star: Starlite is not just about music

Although music has always been and continues to be the star of the festival, over the years experiences have been incorporated as a complement to the music to broaden the experience for the public and enrich it.

In this 2023 edition, they present a striking gastronomic experience where, divided into four gastronomic spaces, each specialising in grilled food, Japanese, Mexican and a gourmet selection, you will be able to enjoy very diverse quality gastronomy in an unforgettable setting.

Fourth star: duration of the festival

With more than 60 days duration of this 2023 edition (from 21 June with the opening of the festival by Cat Stevens, until 2 September with Melendi’s last concert), greatly increases our chances of being able to visit the festival and the city of Marbella at some point.

In addition, with the great diversity of artists, we will be able to choose from dozens of musical styles and entertainment.

Fifth star: Starlite Gala

As we have already mentioned, the Starlite Occident Festival is not only about music, but also about the Starlite Gala, an event that brings together important national and international personalities from all walks of life to fill a festival night with glamour and entertainment.

With Antonio Banderas and Sandra García-Sanjuán as the main hosts, as in the previous 12 galas, they will raise funds for the Starlite Foundation, which supports charitable causes and social projects.

One more reason to visit Marbella

Because of all these stars and many more, Starlite Occident has established itself as one of the most outstanding festivals today and an event of great importance in Marbella. Undoubtedly, this is another good reason to visit this city. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Starlite Occident with world-class music, a stunning location and a unique atmosphere.

And now you know, to make your experience complete, make your reservation on our website and enjoy our variety of flats and villas in Marbella.

Marbella awaits you with open arms!

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