The best places for Christmas shopping in Marbella

The Christmas season in Marbella offers not only festive traditions, but also a unique shopping experience. The city, known for its elegance, movement and charm, transforms during this time of year, giving visitors a variety of options to find the perfect gift. From the old town to the modern shopping centres, here’s a guide to the best places to do your Christmas shopping in Marbella.

Old town

What could be better than doing your Christmas shopping while taking a pleasant stroll through the city? Marbella’s old town comes alive during Christmas, illuminating its cobbled streets with festive lights. Here, you will find charming speciality shops and flea markets, specially set up and decorated for the Christmas weeks, offering unique souvenirs and fresh produce.

The narrow, striking cobbled alleyways have a wealth of options for unique gifts. You can also visit the main squares, full of lights, decorations and traditional nativity scenes.

Small local shops

Both in the aforementioned old town and its surrounding streets, you have the option of exploring the local neighbourhoods and discovering small independent shops offering handmade and unique products that you won’t find in the big shopping centres.

These shops reflect the local character and provide a more personalised shopping experience. As well as finding special gifts, you will be supporting local traders at this important time for them.

Shopping centres and department stores

The other side of Christmas shopping can be found in shopping centres and department stores. El Corte Inglés, with branches as close as the one in Puerto Banús and the slightly more distant option in Fuengirola, offers a wide variety of high quality products of all brands and prices. These spaces are transformed into bustling and festive places during the season, with light shows and Christmas events. They not only act as a place where you can buy all the presents you can think of, but they are also a Christmas experience, full of lights and great atmosphere.

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus, known for its luxury, movement and quality of services, is also an outstanding destination for Christmas shopping. Its exclusive designer shops and boutiques offer unique, high-end gifts, providing a sophisticated and memorable shopping experience.

Marina Banus

In the very heart of Puerto Banus, you can find Marina Banus, a shopping centre that adds a touch of glamour to your Christmas shopping. With shops showcasing luxury brands and dazzling window displays, this destination is ideal for those looking for exclusive gifts. In addition to the shops and boutiques, you will find entertainment and leisure areas such as cinemas and restaurants to enjoy between shopping sessions.

La Cañada

Further afield, on the outskirts of Marbella, the La Cañada shopping centre presents itself as a shopper’s paradise. With free parking and a wide variety of shops and top brands, this location guarantees a stress-free Christmas shopping experience.

Marbella offers an unrivalled Christmas shopping experience, from the charm of the old town to the luxury of Puerto Banús and La Cañada. Explore these options to find unique gifts and immerse yourself in the festive magic of this enchanting city.

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