5 unforgettable plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Marbella

Valentine’s Day is a very special date for couples. This day is the perfect occasion to get out of the routine and create a great magical plan together with your life partner.

If you are looking for an ideal place to immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere, your best option is the city of Marbella. With its sun-drenched beaches and Mediterranean charm, this jewel of the Costa del Sol is the ideal setting to celebrate love in a unique way.

Here are five unforgettable plans that will make you fall in love with Marbella:

A walk through the old town

Let’s start the day with a nice walk through the narrow cobbled streets of Marbella’s Old Town, where you can witness the history and culture of the city at every corner. You can also enjoy looking at the decorated, centrally located streets in the sunlight, or enjoy a nice, relaxing evening stroll.

Take the opportunity to admire the local shops, charming boutique shops and cosy cafés where you can enjoy a coffee together.

Picnic on the beach

There may be no plan more romantic and closer than a nice picnic on the beach with your partner.

Prepare a basket with your favourite products, choose a quiet and uncrowded spot on the beach, and spend a pleasant time enjoying the sea, the sun at sunset and each other’s company.

Spa for couples

Relax with your partner and enjoy a day of peace and tranquillity in one of Marbella’s many spas and spa centres.

There are a variety of options offering special packages and offers for the 14th of February itself. From relaxing massages to exclusive treatments, enter an oasis of tranquillity and romance. This plan is perfect to rejuvenate body and mind while sharing moments of relaxation.

Dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea

Take advantage of the proximity to the coast to carry out your activities near the beach. Marbella has a wide gastronomic offer, but for a special night out, choose a restaurant with sea views, book your table for two in advance and enjoy a dinner with the sound of the waves crashing in the background.

Book your dream accommodation

Top off the day by booking accommodation as special as the occasion deserves. It’s the perfect day to book an exclusive stay, with everything you need to remember that day forever and leave you wanting to come back soon.

Our apartments in Marbella offer the perfect atmosphere for a magical evening. With all the services you need, we guarantee you an unforgettable stay.

Fall in love with Marbella

Valentine’s Day in Marbella is an opportunity to create lasting memories. With all the activities you can think of in the palm of your hand, you can celebrate love on this special day.

Make your Valentine’s Day in Marbella another chapter in your love story!

Visit our website and book our magical apartments. We are waiting for you!

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