Marbella, the golf paradise

The Costa del Sol is the perfect place to enjoy a few days with good weather, full of tranquillity, visiting the coast, history, culture and leisure of the area. All surrounded by a good atmosphere full of movement and events. But these characteristics are not only ideal for these activities, but also to enjoy a few days of golf in one of the most prepared cities for it: Marbella..

Marbella, the home of golf on the Costa del Sol

There are 22 golf courses in Marbella, making it one of the top golf destinations in Europe.. The city is home to many of the most prestigious, elegant and challenging golf courses, attracting amateurs and professionals from all over the world.

But beyond its golfing infrastructure, Marbella has established itself as one of the leading international destinations for the sport by hosting world-renowned competitions, attracting large crowds and top players of all nationalities. This level of competence and visibility has contributed considerably to its international recognition.

Added to all this is the perfect combination of factors that Marbella offers to all its visitors. The city, with its distinctive atmosphere, blends its Andalusian charm with the luxuries that surround it, creating a wide variety of available and complementary activities for golf travellers.

Main golf courses in Marbella:


With 18 holes and designed by one of Spain’s top golf course designers, Javier Arana, it provides a space with extensive green spaces, rolling hills, shrubbery and strategically placed water hazards, creating a beautiful yet challenging experience for players and spectators alike. Some international championships are hosted here, such as the Spain-England Amateur and the Open de Andalucía European PGA Tour.


It is one of the best golf courses in Europe, offering a unique playing experience amidst a stunning botanical setting. With its impeccable service, beautiful views, competitive holes, gastronomic options and recreational activities, this club with more than 50 years of activity has established itself as one of the main options to enjoy golf at its best. So much so that it has hosted the World Golf Championship twice.


Since its foundation in 1977, Los Naranjos Golf Club has hosted many international events, making it one of the most important golf courses in Andalusia. Located between Puerto Banús and Marbella, it attracts the attention of a large sport-loving public who can enjoy its courses full of its characteristic fairways, compromised obstacles and high quality grass. Also with 18 holes it can be compared to the other two important golf courses in Nueva Andalucía, the Aloha Golf Club and Las Brisas.


The Marbella Golf Country Club has established itself as one of the most challenging golf experiences on the entire Costa del Sol due to its mountainous terrain which creates ups and downs, the 18-hole course, which was founded in 1989, is a course for the most competitive players and lovers of good golf. This difficulty is combined with the wonderful and beautiful views of the countryside to create a complete experience.


It is the best golf course in continental Europe since 1989 and one of the 100 best in the world due to its infrastructure, facilities and services. This is why it has hosted numerous important golf championships both nationally and internationally: Open de España, Andalucía Masters, AMEX World Championships, Volvo Masters or the Ryder Cup in 1997.

One more motivation to get to know Marbella

Golf is one more important motivation to visit Marbella, a city that offers you a multitude of options and services so that, whatever your tastes or preferences, you can enjoy a complete and pleasant experience.

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